One Love (Short Story)

One Love – A Sketch (Short Story)

There is nothing like first love! The warm and generous gush of the heart’s young affection. It is never forgotten, but haunts the soul like a dream of music, through all after life. It clings to the heart amid the wreck of all our earliest, brightest hopes, and reposes in the sanctuary unsullied amid corruption. We look back to it as to an existence enjoyed under the influence of an enchanter’s wand; there appears to have been so little of earth’s dull reality mingled with thoseĀ  hours. Even the villain hardened in crime, whose rank offenses smell to heaven, weeps over his life of shame, or he thinks of the hour when his soul was spotless, and his heart adored a fair being, who filled both waking thoughts and dreams. It was the sunlight of her existence, but the shadows have passed ever it, and all else is dark and desolate.

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