Instead of Said

Awesome graphic to help us writers use other words Instead of Said.

222 Words to Use Instead of 'Said' (Infographic)

Fast Track to Pre-College Math

Fast Track to Pre-College Math

Written by K.I.Maloney to help my Developmental Mathematics Students is now available to everyone!

What makes this workbook so unique? Review with just the facts!

Simple and straight forward with all the ‘extra‘ confusing math!

Basic Operations



Percentage Word Problems

Signed Numbers

Algebra: The Basics

Algebra: Beyond the Basics

Detailed Solutions!

Kathryn Maloney is a college developmental mathematics instructor that has helped hundreds of students be successful in pre-college mathematics! She can help you too!

This workbook was created to refresh basic math skill for those students required to take a college entrance exam, nursing entrance test, or as a supplement for a college course. It is not meant to be a standalone textbook.

It is expected that students understand Orders of Operations and are able to complete basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems (with or without a calculator) prior to the use of this workbook.


How to Create Blackout Poetry

How to Create Blackout Poetry

☠ This is a digital download. No physical book will be sent to you! ☠

Blackout poetry  (aka Found Poetry) is a type of poetry created by taking words, phrases, and sometimes whole passages from other sources and create a poem by deleting (blackout or redact) text, thus creating new meaning.

Sometimes, blacking-out a page of text reveals hidden messages instead of a poem.

You can’t create blackout poetry without text.

Any text will do too!

Newspapers, magazine, old books,  even junk mail – anything with text.

But wait! Download How to Create Blackout Poetry.

I have included a perfect how to with printable examples.  And if you look under Blackout Poetry in my categories, you will find other free page printables too.

Either way, this is a fun and relaxing way to spend a wintry or rainy afternoon.


How to Create Blackout Poetry


~~~Blackout Poetry eBooklet ~~~

The Silence of Love

Printable Blackout Poetry eBooklet

Have fun with this free eBooklet!

(1) Download

(2) Print back – to – back.

(2) Fold

(3) Staple in the center.

(4)Have fun!

The Silence of Love

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